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Boomplaats Pot Roast

Here’s our favourite, easiest beef pot roast recipe. It’s perfect for Sunday afternoon lunch, impressing your dinner guests, or any time you want a really great, healthy beefy meal. Remember to use only top quality premium grass-fed, organic, free-range meat for best...

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Meet our sheep

Our Boomplaats flock of sheep is made up of various indigenous breeds: namely the Damara, the Ronderib Afrikaner, the Van Rooy, the Blackhead Persian and the European Merino. It’s interesting to note that the Van Rooy sheep were bred from Blinkhaar Afrikaner rams and...

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How to prepare organic beef tongue the Boomplaats way

Beef tongue is really easy to prepare so this isn’t really a recipe as such. If you haven’t cooked tongue before, you’ll know how to after this! Ingredients 1 to 2 kg of organic, grass-fed beef tongue A whole onion, chopped into quarters 5 cloves of garlic a bay leaf...

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Veld Rehab – how we do it

For decades commercial stock (cattle and sheep) farmers have degraded their natural pastures by incorrect grazing practices. They leave the animals in one camp for too long resulting in the animals only consuming the most palatable grasses and legumes. After the first...

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Boomplaats bug-buster blast

Our Bug-Buster Blast recipe was adapted from Jane's Delicious Garden. This is our version of Jane’s recipe for keeping bugging friends away from your plants. Ideal for organic farming fundis. Ingredients 2 onions 1 head of garlic 6 chilies Method Chop the onions,...

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