No herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or chemicals

Our animals are strictly grass-fed

Why Grass-Fed?

Sunshine, fresh air and wide-open spaces
Cows are not designed to eat grains. Their natural foods are grasses and legumes. Eating grains causes inflammation and makes them sick. The animals on our farm are happy and healthy because they get to graze all day long in natural grassy pastures, getting lots of sunshine, fresh air and spring water. They are totally chilled and not filled with anxiety and stress from being squashed into cramped spaces and forced to eat foods they can’t digest while standing in their own dung.

Rotational Grazing. Good for soil, plants and animals
Cows are fussy eaters and if left to their own devices in a big camp they will continuously graze the more palatable grasses. After years of selective grazing the palatable species die off which negatively effects the biodiversity and quality of the veld. We have subdivided our farm into more than 30 individual grazing camps. By rotating the animals through these camps we ensure that they obtain a balanced diet every day. This means more nutrients on your plate. It’s like eating beef-flavoured vegetables.

Because our cattle only graze in the same camp for a day or two it breaks the parasite cycle naturally, as parasite eggs take at least 4 days to hatch. By then our furry friends have long been moved to a brand new grazing camp.

You can eat our meat and be healthy
Do you know that all the beef available in Supermarkets these days have been finished of in feedlots? The grains eaten by the feedlot grain-fed cattle cause the commercial meat to be super high in Omega 6, the fatty acid that causes heart disease, cancer and chronic inflammation. The leafy grasses and natural legumes that our Boomplaats animals eat are rich in Omega 3, the fatty acid that reduces the risk of heart disease. Plus, grass-fed beef is also high in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), beta-carotene, antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. We also supplement our animals’ diet with small amounts of organic certified kelp (seaweed) naturally grown in the cold Atlantic ocean. This provides them with all the micro-nutrients they need, and make our meat taste even better. Listen to what Hippocrates said more than 2500 years ago: ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. True story

For more technical details on organic certification, grass-fed meats, high density grazing, kelp supplementation, and other interesting reading material visit our resources page