100% certified organic beef

No antibiotics. No growth hormones.

30 rotational grazing camps

Prevents selective grazing

This farm is for sale as a running concern

Our 100% free-range grass-fed certified organic meat is a first in South Africa.

We supply our high quality beef to suppliers in Johannesburg and Pretoria and in and around Gauteng.

Organic farming is a cycle of optimal health that starts in the soil and ends up on your plate and in your body. Animals eating crops that have been sprayed with fungicides, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals, ingest those toxins and your body, in turn, absorbs them when you eat their meat. Vaccinating, dipping and pumping cattle with hormones further adds to the toxicity in meat that you eat, causing chronic illness like Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer.

Boomplaats is proud to be one of the few farms in South Africa practising holistic farming, and we’re the very first farm in the country to supply certified organic, grass-fed, free-range beef to Gauteng, specifically in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Boomplaats meat isn’t for everyone. Our naturally lean meat is only appreciated by those who want to give themselves and their families the best nourishment available, knowing that meals prepared with our beef will not only be delicious but will be contributing in a major way to their own healthy future. We create living soils, lush pastures, happy animals and vibrant humans!


100% certified organic Beef


Rich in Omegas 3 versus 6


Grass-fed, free-range cattle


High in fat-reducing CLA


No antibiotics or hormones


Packed with anti-oxidants


Cows are not designed to eat grains. Their natural foods are grasses and native legumes. Eating grains makes them sick. The animals on our farm are humanely treated. They are happy and healthy because they get to graze all day long in natural grassy pastures, getting lots of sunshine, fresh air and spring water. Plus, our cows are totally chilled and not anxious or stressed from being squashed into cramped spaces and forced to eat foods they can’t digest while standing in their own dung.

The most difficult part of being a free-range beef farmer is having to take in our animals, which we have come to know since birth, to the town abattoir. At least they had a great life on our organic farm. Do you know that all the commercial beef available at the supermarkets and butchers today are grain finished in feedlots? If it doesn’t say free range, it’s feedlot! If it doesn’t say grass-fed, it’s feedlot! If it doesn’t say organic certified then it it isn’t organic. By supporting us you are voting for the humane treatment of farm animals and sustainable healthy food. We have done our bit and now it’s up to you, the consumer, to carry this torch to the next level and make a difference by supporting farms like Boomplaats.