Our Boomplaats flock of sheep is made up of various indigenous breeds: namely the Damara, the Ronderib Afrikaner, the Van Rooy, the Blackhead Persian and the European Merino.

It’s interesting to note that the Van Rooy sheep were bred from Blinkhaar Afrikaner rams and Rambouillet (French Merino) ewes. The indigenous sheep carry much more of their fat in their tales (hence the name vetstert skaap), compared to their European cousins whose bodies, instead, are covered with a layer of fat for insulation against the long European winters.

Our sheep, like our cattle and pigs, are never given any antibiotics, dips or vaccines, and are 100% grass-fed and free range. All they get, in addition to grass, native legumes, clean air and water, is a supplemental lick of rock salt, certified organic natural rock phosphate, and certified organic kelp (seaweed).

And that’s why our mutton tastes so amazing and is so healthy for you!