farm for sale

Option 1

Purchase price R4.4m plus Vat

412 Ha Organic certified farm for sale in the Zastron area.

This one of a kind, organic certified, off-the-grid farm is situated close to Zastron in the South-East Free State, and overlooking the majestic Maluti mountains.

200 Ha is 8ft game-fenced with fallow deer. This is South Africa’s only organic certified cattle and sheep farm. It has been organic certified since 2014.

The farm’s main sandstone residence has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a large open plan kitchen, lounge, and dining room area.

2 Guest cottages of 60 sqm each.

2 Guest rondavels of 25 sqm each.

85 Sqm storage room.

2 Worker rooms.

16 Sqm meat room.

4 Carports.

Water Source

One solar powered borehole for home and animal use.

Another back-up borehole with a generator.

One ground dam for veggie irrigation.

Another ground dam for animal use.

Electricity and water is generated with a self-regulating solar system.

Fencing is in good condition.

Internet connection is via satellite along with DSTV.

Heritage Khoisan paintings are situated in a rock cave on the property.

Option 2

Purchase price R6.4m (no Vat or transfer fees applicable)

412 Ha Organic certified farm for sale in the Zastron area.

The organic farm can be bought as a running concern – lock, stock and barrel! The purchase price will include the farmland, buildings, animal stock, equipment, vehicles, tools, and furniture. The new owners can also take over our social media footprint which includes our website, Facebook business page and newsletter. 

The farm is held in a closed corporation and there will therefore be no Vat or transport cost if it is sold as a running concern. The farm has zero external debt and an audited assessed loss which can be utilised against future profits. 

Livestock includes At least 190 organic certified head of cattle and 90 organic certified sheep. All the farm’s organic meat is sold through an award winning butchery in Johannesburg and the farm obtains a 30% premium for their organic classification compared to commercially produced meat. 

The livestock are indigenous, making them hardy and well-adapted to the climate. All animals are free-range and the cattle (Nguni) and sheep (Damara) are 100% grass-fed. We don’t use any dips, fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones on the farm. This reduces stress on the animals and saves costs and labour.

The 412 ha farm is subdivided and permanently fenced into 40 separate grazing camps with individual water troughs as they practice high density rotational grazing. The cattle and sheep are moved to fresh pastures every couple of days.

You can generate additional guest farm income by renting out the two self-catering guest cottages and 2 rondavels to guests interested in a break from the city or wanting to experience the regenerative farming practices.

A valuation report and financial statements are available on request.

A list of all the vehicles, furniture, implements and livestock are available on request.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity and become part of this fast-growing organic market.

The current owner is available for ongoing consultation, if required.


For more info please contact or WhatsApp on +1 778 386 2113.

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